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FEI Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll

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FEI 10-5922 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll - Red - Light
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FEI 10-5925 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll - Black - X-Heavy
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FEI 10-5923 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll - Green - Medium
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FEI 10-5928 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band Set, 50 Yard Rolls, 1 Each Yel,Red,Gre,Blu,Blk
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FEI 10-5921 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll - Yellow - X-Light
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FEI 10-5924 Cando Accuforce Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll - Blue - Heavy
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Roll is packaged in a dispenser box. Simply unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors. Achieve specific repeatable and measurable levels of performance with each rep. The specially designed band allows the user to know how much force is being used when exercising. Simply stretch the band and watch as the box changes from a rectangle to a square showing your exertion. Cando® high quality latex resistive exercise band has been used in clinics for rehabilitation, conditioning and training since 1987. It has become a well known staple of many physical therapy programs. Cando® exercise band is an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Lightweight, compact and portable. Durable. Effective when used alone, or with handles and anchors. Color-coded according to the exercise band’s resistance. Cando® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® color sequence so resistance level is easily identified. Available in 8 levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, gold. Uniform width - each band is 5” wide. Cando® low powder exercise band is made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offerings of Cando® exercise band.

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