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Intermetro Starsys Catheter Storage Cabinets

GSA # V797D-40279

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InterMetro Starsys SXRD76MCATH1 Starsys Catheter Unit
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InterMetro Starsys SXRD72SCATH1 Starsys Catheter Unit
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InterMetro Starsys SXRD76MCATH2 Starsys Catheter Unit
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InterMetro Starsys SXRD72SCATH2 Starsys Catheter Unit
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InterMetro Starsys SXRS72SCATH1 Starsys Catherter Unit
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Intermetro Starsys Catheter Storage is a highly organized system that meets the demands for storage, transport and productivity centers.

Designed for environments where aesthetics are important and cleanliness is essential, the Starsys modular system provides solutions that can be easily reconfigured to meet the rapid and constant change in today’s healthcare environment. Catheter storage is a prime example of how Starsys can be configured to meet a specific application.


  • Accessible — Each slide on the catheter module offers full extension, which brings the catheters into full view allowing quick access and visual inventory of remaining stock.
  • High Density — Each module can accommodate up to 5 slides. The maximum capacity for a slide is 120 catheters. Maximum capacity for a module is 360 catheters. The standard confi guration is one shelf, 3 slides, 30 labels and 15 hooks (180 catheters).
  • Adjustable — The catheter module is removable without tools and can be adjusted vertically on 11/2" (38mm) increments.
  • Flexible Configurations — The catheter module may be positioned in the top of a cabinet for maximum storage length. You may put multiple catheter modules in a single bay for the storage of shorter catheters, or you may combine with drawers. A cabinet can be designed with a configuration to fit your needs without extending the lead-time.
  • Versatile — The catheter module may also be used as a general storage level when storage is required above catheters.

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GSA Contract #
GSA # V797D-40279
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