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Look Sharpoint Dermaglide Cosmetic Surgery Sutures


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Suture, 4 - 0 Nylon Black Mono, ½ Circle, Hgl16 Needle, 18", 12/Bx
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The ultra-sharp, non-glare needle and closely matched-diameter suture were designed specifically to minimize trauma, suture line bleeding and resulting scarring. Made of specialty stainless steel wire, the needle is precisely tempered for hardness and tensile strength so it holds its fine edge pass after pass and glides exactly as guided.

  • The tip is a long-taper, precision-faceted diamond shape.
  • Four ultra sharp edges are formed using a grindless, proprietary process.
  • Designed to easily penetrate highly elastic dermal tissue without tenting, drag, or unwanted cutting of the periphery.
  • Non-glare finish make it easier to see exactly where it is placed in the tissue.
  • Unique swage channel needle/suture union assures the suture remains attached until it is ready to cut.
  • Transparent packaging and large legible type speeds proper identification.
  • Extra-long pull-tabs on the package simplify gloved-handling.
  • The package's carrier pad provides maximum needle-tip protection and prevents suture tangling.
  • Offers a convenient needle park during surgery.

Features & Specifications

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