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Pfizer Gelfoam Absorbable Dental Sponge


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[ON ORDER FROM MFG] Absorbable Sponge (Rx), Size 4, 2 Sponges/Envelope, 6 Env/Pk (Ndc Must Have Your Wholesale Drug License On File Before Shipping This Product)
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A Sterile, Pliable, Surgical Sponge Prepared From A Specially Treated Purified Gelatin Solution. Capable Of Absorbing And Holding Within Its Meshes Many Times Its Weight In Whole Blood. It Is Used As A Hemostatic Device. When Implanted In Tissues, The Sponge Is Completely Absorbed Within Four To Six Weeks Without Inducing Excessive Scar Tissue. When Applied To Bleeding Areas Of Nasal, Rectal, Or Vaginal Mucosa, Gelfoam Completely Liquefies Within Two To Five Days.

Product Page ID: CQ60538300