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SchureMed 800-0186 Schurefoot 24" Tkr Ball Track System (Uk)

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SKU: CESS-722200-00029

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An incredibly innovative knee positioner that offers the surgeon a completely-secure, dynamic-range of patient positions for total knee replacement procedures from SchureMed.

This ball-track system for total knee replacements is a huge leap forward for the surgeon and patient alike. Ball joint at the heel of the leg holder places the operative leg in extension, flexion, tilt and rotation. Easy-to-use and completely rigid once locked. Eliminates the need for additional leg positioning devices, sandbags and gel-pads.

  • Track Locking Bracket securely locks the Base Plate to the table with two thumb screws
  • Locks in any position with a simple turn of the wrist
  • Smooth sliding motion for effortless leg positioning
  • Well leg lies flat – eliminating the need for well-leg positioners
  • All components are autoclavable

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