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Tenacore Refurbished Equivalent of Omega Air & Oxygen Blender w/ 1 yr. Warranty

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The 120H/L Flow and 30L Flow O2 Blender mixes medical grade compressed air and oxygen to provide a pressurized gas source ranging from 21% to 100% oxygen. The 120H/L Flow O2 Blender compliments care for patient transports and the 30L Flow O2 Blender compliments care for both patient transports and infants. Features: 24 Month Warranty Compact Size Low Maintenance Easy Calibration Proven Design Specifications: Size - 3.5" H (9cm) x 2.25" W (5.6cm) x 4.5" D (11.5cm) Model Weight - 2.75 lbs (1.4 kg) Gas Supply Pressure - 30 - 75 PSIG (2.11 kg/cm2 - 5.27 kg/cm2) Knob Adjustment Range - 21% - 100% Primary Outlet - (120 H/L) Bottom Port and (30L)Left Side Port facing unit Primary Outlet Flow Range - (120 H/L) 15 to 120 LPM and (30L) 3 to 30 LPM (no bleed) Maximum Flow @ 60% knob setting - (120 H/L) 120 LPM and (30L) =30 LPM Flow @ 21% or 100% knob setting - (120 H/L) 90 LPM and (30L) =30 LPM Bypass Flow (loss of air or O2) - (120 H/L) 90 LPM and (30L) =30 LPM Auxiliary Outlet - Right Side (facing unit) Auxiliary Outlet Flow Range - (120 H/L) 200 to 100 LPM (bleed 10-12 LPM) and (30L) 0 to 30 LPM (bleed 2.5 - 3.5 LPM) Accuracy - ±3% of full scale over the stated flow ranges Alarm/Bypass Activation - When inlet gas pressures differ by 20 PSI ±2 or more Alarm Sound Generator - Vibrating Reed Alarm/Bypass Reset - When inlet pressure differential is 6 PSIG or less Pressure Drop - Less than 6 PSIG at 50 PSIG inlet pressure and 40 LPM TB1001-OM TB2001-OM

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