SDI Diagnostics PulmoGuard Pulmonary Function Test Filter w/ Mouthpiece

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From: $128.93
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During a Pulmonary Function Test, bacteria and viruses can be expelled, posing serious risk to patients and healthcare workers alike. With a cross-contamination efficiency of 99.999%, PulmoGuard is safe, highly efficient…and very affordable. Features: Fits many spirometers with no adapter Meets ATS air resistance standards Features dead volume of less than 70ml Pleated media for better functionality Compact, non-intimidating design Transparent for easy, 100% visual inspection PulmoGuard fits the following instruments without an adapter (Adapters available for instruments not listed): Assess - Peak Flow Meter Burdick - Spirosense Circadian - Models (if using black Tamarac pneumotach, need 7975) Collins - Survey, Survey II, Survey III, Survey PLUS, Eagle, Eagle II Cybermedics -Spinnaker TL, SL, CM3, CM310 (if white or black cone use 7980) Cybermedics - Moose Godart - All Models Gould - 5004 Healthscan - Assess Peak Flow Meter Jaeger - All Models except Spiro Pro Jones - All Models except Satellite (small end of filter) Koko - All Models Med Graphics - 1070, 1085 (w/Prevent, use PG II; if no Prevent, 7970-spirometry, 7961-vol/diff) Med Science - 570, 6257 Med Science - 3000, 4000 (spirometry-no adapt./vol-7961/diff-7960B) Med Systems - Spirolite 101 & 201 (small end of filter), 343 New Med - 7000 I (Spirobyte) PK Morgan - Benchmark (spirometry-7978, vol&diff-7960B), Flexi Flow (small end of filter), Trans Flow Pneumedics - All Models (small end of filter) Riko - AS300 S&M - CF-150B, GS520, Keystone III, Portascreen, Pulmoscreen ViaSys/Sensormedics - Horizon, Ohio, 922, 2130, 2200, 2400, 2450, 2800, 6200, 2100 (spirometry-7961, vol-7960B, diff-7960B), Vmax (can use PGII w/7976 or 7977) Spirolink - All Models Spirometrics - LTE, 2500 LTE Spiroscreen - All Models (small end of filter) Spirotech - All Models Tamarac - All Models except Presto Flash 29-7950-050 29-7950-100 29-7950-200 29-7950-300 29-7951-050 29-7951-100 29-7953-040 29-7953-080 29-7954-050 29-7954-100 29-7957-040 29-7957-080 29-7958-040 29-7958-080

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